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about us

Haimen Yinyan Electronic Co. Ltd. (formerly state-owned Haimen radio factory), founded in 1975, is the production of film capacitor manufacturer. 96 years of enterprise reform, the establishment of a limited liability company. Is a collection research and development, manufacturing, sales, as one of the green lighting special film capacitor manufacturers; company to market positioning a high starting point, high quality, absorb foreign capacitor manufacturing technology essence, specialized in the development of high temperature resistant, high pressure resistant, long-lived green lighting special thin film capacitor. Products using the international standard IEC, the use of advanced management concepts and strict quality management system. The introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and testing means of capacitor.

In 2001, with foreign joint venture, set up Nantong Yinyan Electronic Co. Ltd, Nantong Haiyan Electronic Co. Ltd., Nantong Eagle Electronics Co. Ltd., Nantong Eagle Electronics Co., ltd.. The company covers an area of 40000 square meters, the existing plant area of 50000 square meters, the number of employees reached more than 2000 people.

The products are sold around the world, mainly used in green lighting electronic energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps production is relatively concentrated in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other places to set up offices, China, covering more than 20 provinces, city. Products from a single CL11, CL21 developed to have multiple series of products group, become the industry leader, CL11 product has won the provincial distinctions, Buyou, national and industry first prize, including CL11, CH11, CL21 in Jiangsu province was included in the focus of high-tech products. At present, production capacity has achieved an annual output of 2000000000 CL11 thin film capacitor and a 1600000000 CL21 series metallized capacitor.

Companies in expanding the scale of production at the same time, strengthen and improve the internal management of enterprises, in 2001 the company introduced the ERP management. In order to ensure product quality, real-time monitoring, the production line in 2010 May, application of the company SPC quality management. At the same time, the full implementation of the bar code management of warehouse and production line, so that the recognition of rapid and simple, powerful management, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency.

The company passed the ISO9002 quality management system certification in 1999 December, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OSHAS18000 occupation health and safety certification, product won the 2008 title of brand-name products in Jiangsu province.

The production line in 2005 a comprehensive import lead-free production, all products are in line with the EU ROHS standard, and pass the SGS test center detection. The X2 type interference suppression capacitor through the CQC certification. The quality of the products is much higher than the international and the national industry standard, at the international leading level, market sales situation is very good, and American General Company, Japan Panasonic Philips lighting, lighting, Osram well-known enterprises such as the approval.

Company is located in the China Jiangsu Haimen Jianghai, has called the gateway. Linear distance and the international metropolis of Shanghai is only 60 kilometers. Superior location, convenient traffic, went to Shanghai Hongqiao, Pudong International Airport only 1.5-2 hours from Haimen, Jiangsu away from the Nantong airport only thirty minutes, up to the major domestic city; transportation of goods through the Nantong international container terminal can be sent to all major ports in Asia and Western Europe and other places.

Considering the long-term development of enterprises, better able to enter foreign markets, our company is seeking foreign investment cooperation, and strive for common development! Create China and the global electronics industry in the future.